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(SEATTLE) Apr. 30, 2013 – Seattle government and police say they are prepared for this year’s May Day

  (SEATTLE) Apr. 30, 2012 – Seattle government and law enforcement said today that unlike the chaos that ensued in Seattle’s downtown business corridor in 2012, that they are more prepared to deal with civil unrest that could develop in tomorrow’s May Day protests that could potentially develop as seen in this file photo from […]

The Image Arsenal covers (survives) volatile May Day protests and destruction in Seattle business district

All photos on this BLOG Post (c) Anthony Bolante/REUTERS, 2012 (SEATTLE)  May 1, 2012 – Conflict photojournalism isn’t something that I specifically seek-out in my visual reportage career.  I live and love adventure (as you all know) both at work and during my rare leisure time.   But over the years, it seems as if once every six months, […]

(OLYMPIA, WA) Nov. 29, 2011 – ‘Occupy’ protestors conduct sit-in at Washington State Capitol rotunda during Legislative Special session in Olympia

Occupy Olympia supporter Alex Markey of Tacoma, Washington holds a sign while sitting inside the Washington State Capitol building in Olympia, Washington on November 29, 2011. On November 28, three protestors were tased, four protestors were arrested and six Washington State Troopers were injured when the demonstration erupted when police clashed with protestors who refused […]