Twenty-five years in the visual media industry has given me extensive on-location, on-deadline experience with the technical-span of processing black and white film and silver halide paper prints in the 1980s, to processing negative/slides and film scanning in the 1990s, to making  the highest-resolution 16 or 18 Megapixel (RAW) digital images (at up to 10 frames-per-second)  in today’s professional digital cameras.

     Some of the services visual journalist Anthony Bolante of The Image Arsenal is capable of providing clients include:

  • High Resolution DSLR Still Photography (16/18 MP RAW)
  • High Definition 1080p DSLR Videography and Sound
  • Photo Editor with extensive on-deadline experience in multiple-photographer workflow management
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Remote DSLR and Analog (film) camera rigging (10 frames-per-second sports-photo remote capable)
  • Remote multiple GoPro camera rigging for still photography, including time-lapse imagery, and for video including underwater-videography
  • Photo Archiving (focusing on metadata preservation and copyright protection)
  • High Resolution Analog (film/slide positives) to digital file transfer (JPG, TIF, GIF, PSD, PDF)
  • Photo / Media Event Planning, Coordination and Project Management (was Vancouver 2010 Olympics Staff Photo Operations Supervisor)
  • When you absolutely need a photojournalist who will go where NO ONE ELSE WILL GO to on-assignment whether it be where ‘things go boom’ or on the side of a cliff 1,000-feet off the deck, I’m your man, with the cam!
  • If you would like to purchase any of the images you see here on, please fill out the electronic message below to request for a high resolution, archival quality print. Thanks!

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Photographer Anthony Bolante, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.