My years of living (and surviving) in Afghanistan

Udkhail village elder Haji Om Rakhn stands in the snow while speaking to soldiers from Task Force Phoenix at the Udkhail powerplant in East Kabul on January 6, 2007. Haji Om Rakhn is a supporter of U.S. troops from the neighboring Camp Phoenix where Task Force Phoenix is based. On this day, military civil affairs leaders from Task Force Phoenix visited with Udkhail elders and Afghan powerplant engineers to discuss physical and monetary improvements Task Force Phoenix could make at the powerplant to improve the quality of life of the Udkhail villagers. The 40-year-old powerplant was destroyed by the Taliban in the 1990s, but was since rebuilt with the help of coalition funding and forces to restore power to the Udkhail neighborhood. Photography by Anthony Bolante © The Image Arsenal


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