A country mourns 9/11

A man sits alone in front of thousands of flowers while attending a flower vigil where more than 30,000 people gathered at the Seattle Center International Fountain on September 16, 2001. This informal memorial is one of thousands across the U.S. that are being created following the September 11 terror attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Photography by Anthony Bolante © The Image Arsenal

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  1. Anthony, In looking for a photos to post with my personal blog Take Comfort In Beauty, I found your beautiful photo. I was there on Sunday. I drove from Mount Vernon, and hobble up the hill to the fountain with a pair of crutches. On the way home, all the way home, each overpass on I-5 there were people standing with candles…and parked along the frontage roads with there headlights directed toward the freeway. Oh, what a time that was, we were so, One, all of us.

    I was wondering if I could post this picture on my blogsite with my poem, I couldn’t pay for it, but I would like you permission. Thank you.
    Leeann Kelley.

    September 16, 2001, Seattle, Washington

    No shining wild shout of water that splatters
    last month where we played on warm pavement stones
    our Memorial fountain along with the mourners
    weeps softly with hushed and reverent tones.

    With flute’s sad hollow and haunting refrain
    Slow shuffling feet and murmuring strangers,
    young fathers embracing their small sons, explain
    fireman and flags and with soft careful nurture.

    As family we gather broken and quiet
    with flowers and flowers and flowers come we
    thousands in number press close in our spirit
    to share in our sorrow and take comfort in Thee.

    Still more tender vigil ‘long the miles in the night
    They gather unbeckoned with soft candlelight.

    Leeann Andrade-Kelley

    • Dear Leann: due to copyright issues for the client that I shot that photograph for, I cannot grant you permission at this time to use the photo on your BLOG. Thanks for the compliment, however. I am sorry that I cannot accompdate your request at this time. Thanks, Anthony

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